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FOR Glass & Mirror is a bold and determined company that acts with confidence and speaks in a clear and direct manner. We are results-driven and are always ready to face challenges to achieve our goals. Authentic and genuine, we are personally committed to each project we implement. Our actions speak for themselves, but we are never arrogant or condescending.

Our Story

Pedro and his wife Mariana Fornel: Towards new horizons in Florida with the project FOR - Glass and Mirror. They embark on a new venture in the United States with the launch of the company FOR - Glass and Mirror, focused on the state of Florida. Based on his vast experience and knowledge of the market, Pedro is ready to offer innovative, high-quality solutions in glass and mirrors. The FOR project represents an exciting new chapter in their professional journey, marked by determination, vision and dedication to providing the best services and products to clients. With a history of success that spans decades and continents, Pedro Fornel is ready to lead the way towards new horizons in the glass and mirror market in Florida, always maintaining his commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

We are committed
to quality and innovation

We are constantly seeking the highest quality solutions and tirelessly innovating to achieve the best in glass and mirror quality.

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We promote integrity throughout our business

We define integrity as respecting people and communities, including prioritizing their safety. We are transparent, sincere, and honest.

for people

We are global citizens focused on sustainability and ensuring that unexplored opportunities in the mirror and glass industry benefit all people in the world.

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